Let’s clear up that acne!

 If you follow me on the gram, you will know that I have been very open about my battle for good skin. I have always had sensitive skin, and it is often affected by the most basic things; I discovered that I was intolerant to meat substitutes such as soy quite a few years ago; I noticed that every time I had it, I would break out and feel like my world was crumbling, LITERALLY #nojoke; at the time it was super hard for me, seeing as I love soy products such as soy milk, cheese, mince, sausage mix, you name it.... but I have had to cut that out; I have to be honest I do have a touch of soy in my diet when I pop to my mums house, but I’m always very careful not to over do it.


Having made that cut, I was still having skin issues and controlling it with doctors subscriptions, such as antibiotics, but I started to become resistant to them. Then In January my doctor told me, I could die if she continued my subscription as I could catch a disease and be incurable as I would have become immune to antibiotics and subsequently would die.

I was in shock, just as much as you probably are reading this right now, so I thought I really need to find some natural alternatives to deal with these acne flare ups. I have done a lot of research and guys, I found the secret. If you have any form of acne do the following steps and it could help!


  1. Acne is a form of inflammation in the body, inflammation is fed by anything that is high in hormones a such as dairy, processed foods etc. Cut all dairy out! And junk food, eat natural... hard but essential.
  2. Girl get yourself some zinc, it helps boost the immune system along with Vitamin C, which will help fight inflammation in the body... trust me it helps.
  3. Cod liver oil is your best friend, and yes it tastes bad but it is a good healthy probiotic, rich in Omega 3 which is good for the promotion of dewy skin.
  4. Eat bags and bags of kale. When they said kale was a super food, they didn’t lie. It is rich in Vitamin A and K which both give you dewy skin, and Vitamin C, which boosts your immune system.
  5. Eat Brazil Nuts as they are rich in zinc too!

Those are my five top tips that may help you reach dewy skin status. I still get the odd pimple here and there, but that’s normal. 99% of my acne is gone, and that is really due to my change of diet. I hope you achieve dewy skin this summer girlfriends, take care for now!

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