My Top Three Favourite Foundations

I love it when I get the chance to test out a new foundation. I especially love it when I find something that agrees with my oily/combination skin. These are my top three foundations that I have been using since 2018.

 I rarely change much about my makeup routine, because on a daily basis I like to keep it very minimalist and simple. I had major skin troubles in my teens, and a major skin breakout earlier in the year in 2019, but with a chance of diet, I’m finally rocking a dewy summer glow.

 Please keep in mind that I will always rock these foundations with my favourite pressed powder sascha buttercup as it is light and airy, and a major favorite of the beauty community at large.


I have listed below from my most loved to liked:




 I’m sure you find Mac in most girls foundation routine, either now or at one point in their life. I have been using this brand for at least 5 years, and it never fails to disappoint. I love it because I don’t have to mix it with anything for it to fit with my skin tone (that brown girl struggle) it is light to touch, and when set, it doesn’t move.



If you want to save your coins, come and save your coins with me and jump on this gravy train. It is the perfect all rounder from the high street and can be found in most Boots or Superdrug outlets in the UK.




The last but not least is this baby right here. I have tried two shades. It is very affordable and definitely a bit thinner in coverage. I like this foundation for everyday wear, but be mindful that you more than likely will have to mix it to find your colour, and setting is essential, to withstand 8 hours wear.

 Until next time, take care ladies!


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