Natural hair care: Shea moisture deep conditioning treatment.


Have you been struggling with your hair growth lately?

Do you have split ends?

Well firstly if you are suffering from split ends I would advise you to hit your nearest salon for a trim; after you have done that, a deep treatment hair conditioner wouldn’t hurt either.

My hair has been quite brittle as of late, and I have found that my issue has been not conditioning my hair enough. A good favourite of my has been shea moistures  Shea Moisture Strengthen and Restore Treatment Masque. It smells absolutely divine and can be teamed with a few other household favourites to intensify its effectiveness.

Below is a recipe that I will put on my hair and use over night; I’m not advising that you wear it for this long, it can be worn for 30 mins and rinsed out.

Two egg yolks

5 large table spoons of deep treatment

5 drops of peppermint oil

One melted table spoon of Shea butter


Where to buy this conditioner



Make sure everything is room temperature before combining them all together; you may need to add mor me egg yolk or deep treatment, depending on the length of your hair. 

Massage through, and work it from your scalp to the ends. Place a plastic cap on, and you are good to go.

Try this out at home and enjoy,

Take care until next time!


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