Why I love black soap!


You have probably heard of many other people’s experiences with black soap and it is not surprising as to why people swear by it. This soap is nothing short of amazing, firstly because it works wonders and secondly because it is so cheap for what it does.

I usually will use the soap on my problem areas, e.g after I have had a breakout, on my face or my chest area. It definitely will leave your skin feeling tight, and thoroughly cleansed; black soap is an effective cleanse, but it can be very abrasive, so I would recommend that you team this soap up with a deep moisturiser, such as shea butter.

This may not agree with you, but this combination does work for me in general and I will use it when I’m trying to fade any marks from a major breakout if I have had one.

 The brand that I use is Dudu-Osun which can be found worldwide!

 I suggest you try it out, chat soon ladies!


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