A Pink Dining Experience: Vivi Restaurant, quintessentially British...

Finding this restaurant is like slowly approaching the entrance to Aladdins cave. It is concealed within a beautiful complex of other places. I had this dining experience on my hit list for a while; yes I am that instagrammer that runs around trying to seek out the perfect locations for that money shot, don't judge me, haha... 

I was quite astounded by the size of this place, as we entered the main entrance on the ground floor, we were greeted by lovely reception staff, who quickly booked us in, and then escorted us up two flights of stairs. As we hit the top of the staircase that was panelled in large sheets of glass, we finally entered VIVI's itself. 

The restaurant is structured over two floors, and it is large. They have two separate dining areas, one for their for their dinner menu which is featured above and the one that is pictured below, for their breakfast and lunch menu. 

I can honestly say that my heart skipped a beat as I glided down the stairs towards the breakfast dining area. The floors tiles, and the view outlooking the glass panelled window was so beautiful; not to mention the rows of pink seating, that were perfectly decorated with a golden base trim. I did not stop for breakfast, but I have full intentions of doing this sometime soon. 

After taking a plethora of photos in the breakfast area, we went upstairs to be seated. The crushed velvet pink chair, perfectly matched my pink dress from Topshop, It was so soft and comfortable. On the left hand side, where we were stationed was the beautiful glass mirrored bar with high turquoise bar stools (as featured below).

The staff we so accommodating and the menu was very simple and sophisticated, we had, the cauliflower cheese croutons to start which we so delicious, roasted cod as our main, and I opted for a green kale smoothie before a glass of white wine which was also divine. 



If you would like a divine dining experience, and really good food, make a booking at VIVI's today!

Catch up soon, 

Stylish Safiya X



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