Where you should shoot for your blog in London: My top three places...

I could never really tell you all of the best places to shoot in London, because there are so many you can’t really choose. However what I can give you is my top three favourite places that I have shot in this year.

Depending on your aesthetic you may love  these as much as I do. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that one of them has been featured quite a few times so of course we will start with that place first. 

  1. Somerset house

I am in love with this place, it has a vast architectural landscape. Beautiful historical design, and the perfect backdrop, for evening wear, such as long cocktail dresses, or a classical casual sophisticated look. It is high traffic and always book up for London fashion week for the above reasons. It is hard to beat such beautiful cobbled grounds, and it’s vast archways. I went here a few weeks ago with my photographer and we took many outfit shots at the entrance of the building.

 Unfortunately we were unable to access the centre of the building since it was booked for a private event, but we still gathered good content.

 2. Vivi restaurant

If pink is your thing, and you are a girly girl at heart, then you will love this place. I have reviewed it on the blog before and I have uploaded countless pics of it on my instagram feed. I can’t really stress enough how gorgeous it is for a clean aesthetic and pictures. If you would like to shoot there I recommend you go there and catch their breakfast menu, and dine on their powder pink leather bound seats. Not only is the decor gorgeously insane, they have tasty and very affordable menu options with salmon and avocado, yummy!

  3. The London Eye

This is my final recommendation, not only because it is a landmark in London, there is also an adjacent street pictured below that is literally 10 secs away from the London eye itself. I captured these amazing shots, on a bright sunny day, and they came out beautifully. I loved the clean aesthetic and feel it gave to my outfit, and it was so easy to find. If you actually wander around these streets there are many places you can shoot, especially if you head towards St. Thomas Hospital.

 So there you have my top three places to shoot in and around London; if you are looking for more recommendations, I will have plenty more soon up on my blog, so please stay tuned.

Chat soon!



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