Why you need to see the Louvre...

Because Beyoncé and Jay shot one of the most iconic, videos in there!

I digress, there is more that one reason why you need to go there. It is steep in history and one of the worlds biggest museums standing today. 

Not only the above mentioned qualities, but it is not too far from central Paris shopping centre and it has one of the most beautiful museum displays I have ever seen, Napoleons Apartments. I went there with my mum and dad back In November, and we there all blown away by the magnitude of gold on display in those three rooms. The amount of gold that have been harvested and sculpted was beautiful to the point of vulgar.

It is definitely breathtaking; I do advise however that you hear a pair of trainers as your feet are going to burn, if you don’t. I mistakenly wore a pair of heels boots and after wandering around for three hours was shattered.

We had a really great time, and also encountered a sheikh and his 50 security guards and media as we were passing through, as you do.

They have Uber out there too, so if you are a user of the app it all works the same out it paris. Make sure, as I always advise to go there nice and early to get that perfect Instagram photo right outside, before you go in.

Until next time, take care!


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